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Tribute to

Amine Zeidan

Amine Zeidan was a brilliant and intelligent architect who achieved recognition for his work in the field of architectural design. He was passionate about developing inventive ideas breaking the limits and showing a plenty of creative freedom. Through Amine’s work left we will long remember his energy and thoughts.
As his colleagues in AZ architect studio our duty is to translate his way of thinking and approaching concepts into concrete design and planning to keep the identity which he always thrived to show.

Amine Zeidan

About Us

Our projects are inspired by its context and the needs of people through a journey that starts from concept to reach the final result with attention to the quality and details by seeking design solutions that optimize the use of sustainable energies, natural resources and human comfort to yield high performance buildings and urban environment.

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Our Office

AZ Office

A friendly and positive working environment dominates the office creating a welcoming onboarding experience and an ideal work place. Our team however is in continuous search for new skills and experiences that matches the changing technological environment and thus improving the work culture which is the ultimate goad of our office.

The AZ Standard

The characteristics that distinguish our work of architecture from other built structures

  • Usability

    The suitability of the work to use by human beings in general and the adaptability of it to particular human activities.

  • Durability

    The stability and permanence of the work’s construction.

  • Creativity

    The communication of experience and ideas through its form.

  • Flexibilty

    The adaptability to changing natural conditions.

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